Uniquely Ace


To create eyewear that is as unique as the people’s qualities that wear Ace and a culture which surrounds itself with like-minded people.

Quality & Artistry

Ace’s dedication to excellence is to take the art of eyewear to new heights in quality, comfort, visual clarity and an astonishing user experience.


Ace’s extraordinary commitment to quality attracts the most astute wearers who appreciate flawless precision.  


From the founder and design technician Frank Miletić

“I design Ace to ensure wearers obtain the very best Polarised Performance sunglasses for all outdoor conditions and to create an amazing lasting experience”


At the young age of 15 years old Frank Miletić aka Mr Sunglasses obsession began.


His career working with global sunglasses companies and designing eyewear spans over 35 years and his acquired knowledge and expertise is unmatched in the sunglasses industry.


In 2018 he reached a pivotal point in his career where he felt compelled to design and craft polarised eyewear without compromise and to create a brand that is founded on exceeding the requirements of its wearers.


Frank Miletić ardent belief is that Ace wearers deserve only the very best.


Designing and developing the world’s finest polarised eyewear requires history and knowledge far beyond the ordinary.


Exquisite attention to detail is instilled into every pair of Ace sunglasses.


Creating an Ace experience is paramount, therefore Ace sources and engineers into its brand only the finest of materials and demands the highest of manufacturing standards. 

Authentic Clarity Excellence.

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