Podium Slay Aphotic™ Polarised

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Best Polarised Driving & Sports – Glare Relief – Fight Fatigue – Reduce Headaches

7 Day Test Drive Guarantee

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  • Anti Bounce/Anti Slip for maximum sports performance
  • Shatter and crack resistant plus hard coated
  • Sharpens objects for relaxed vision
  • 100% Distortion-Free blocking ALL scattered light
  • Helps reduce fatigue and headaches
  • Perfect depth perception and accuracy for sports
  • Natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters to protect eyes
  • Super-lightweight to stabilise the glasses when worn
  • 100% Australian owned and Designed
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Premium Swiss Frame materials
  • Exclusive trademarked Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarised technology has been engineered in Japan laboratories
  • Lens tint comes down to personal preference and the application it’s intended for so here’s a rough guide.
  • 1. Aphotic™ Next Gen Steel Polarised lenses are engineered to be a neutral tint offering superior visual clarity and can be worn by all eye types – a very common worldwide choice.
  • 2. Aphotic™ Next Gen Khaki Polarised lenses are performance engineered to really sharpen greens, defining depth and making objects crystal clear and can be worn by all eye types. Particularly effective for sports such as golf, tennis, cricket, lawn bowls, etc
    Users who are colour blind  will enjoy the visual sharpness through Aphotic™ Khaki.
  • 3. Aphotic™ Next Gen Axinite Polarised lenses are engineered to give the greatest depth perception. Everything in visual range is super sharp and accurate to distance. Particularly effective for sports such as Fishing, Boating, Sailing, Beach, Winter Sports etc
    Not suitable for colourblindness…choose Aphotic™ Khaki and enjoy improved reds and greens.
  • 4. Aphotic™ Next Gen Imperial Polarised lenses are engineered to be highly relaxing to the eye offering the sensitive to glare wearer superior eye comfort. Particularly effective for driving, trucking, running, cycling and all outdoor activities.
    Not suitable for colourblindness…choose Aphotic™ Khaki and enjoy improved reds and greens.
  • AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 high glare reduction good UVA UVB UVC protection sunglasses.
Dimensions 14.2 × 5.6 cm
Choose Polarised Lens Tint

Axinite, Imperial, Khaki, Steel

11 reviews for Podium Slay Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Paul

    Perfect fit for my motorcycle helmet
    I find the Podium Slay a slim / light-weight sunglass perfect for wearing inside my helmet. I chose the Khaki lense which to my amazement has improved my colour vision. I am colour-blind and have appreciated the vast array of colours I can now enjoy when wearing this lense. I own three different styles of ACE and wouldn’t wear another brand!

  2. Michael

    Active Ace
    I ride my electric scooter daily to my shoot locations and into Brisbane City for various camera assignments. I already owned a pair of Ace “the Don” so I ordered the Podium Slay as they looked streamlined enough to cope with the speeds and wind on my Zero Scooter (this thing can fly). Podium Slay protects my eyes from bugs and keeps the glare away and allows me to concentrate on the path ahead. They fit snugly and when I put them on, it looks like I am already cruising at 60KMH. Love these sunglasses and they are true performance sunglasses with looks to boot.
    Michael A

  3. June

    Very Wearable
    With sensitive eyes, I have found my new glasses to be practical, comfortable and protective. My eyes feel soothed and calm and I suffer no ill effects as with previous sun glasses.
    June C

  4. Caitlin

    So happy to be partnering with @acesunglasses! 🕶️ Their uniquely polarised lenses have enabled me to see the ball clearly in all conditions, helping to give me a winning edge.
    Caitlin B

  5. Nicole

    Perfect for Mountain Bike Riding
    With crystal clear vision and a perfect fit, the Podium Slay Aphotic is brilliant for mountain biking. With zero movement on the most technical trails you don’t need to worry about your sunglasses moving around or slipping when hitting features. Superlight and comfortable, even on the hottest days. Thanks guys for your amazing customer service.
    Nicole C

  6. Gregg

    I bought these glasses to play lawn bowls in and have found them terrific so far. They cut the glare really well and there is no distortion at att… Thanks Ace… Terrific glasses for sport.
    Gregg M

  7. Mark

    Fantastic Sunglasses
    As soon as I put them on they felt so comfortable and looking through them they gave a vibrant image. Most sunglasses tend to darken your vision but not these. Highly recommend
    Mark B

  8. Sean

    Brilliant for beach volleyball; stay connected to the bridge of your nose while diving around and the lenses are top notch. Highly recommended for high performance sports!
    Sean C

  9. James

    From the moment I tried a pair of Ace Sunglasses I was hooked  – As I use and film with a GoPro I spend 90% of my time taking shots outdoors and boy does it make a difference 😳I can’t recommend these Sunglasses enough !!!
    They have a little slogan they use “Cut the Glare not your Vision “…
    Which believe me (It’s True)
    So look 👀 after your Eyes people there the only ones you got, Buy ACE ♠️Optics you won’t be disappointed.
    James A

  10. Kayla

    Absolutely love our Podium Slay sunnies!! The clarity of the lenses is unbelievable and the lightweight frames are great for all sporting activities. Top quality and value – definitely recommend!!
    Kayla M

  11. Joan

    Love them
    Light, comfortable, excellent for sport with no rim around the bottom.
    Joan B

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