Podium Slayer Aphotic™ Polarised

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Size: Medium – Large Width: 140mm Height: 47.5mm

Elevate your driving and sports experience with ACE sunglasses – the ultimate blend of performance, glare relief, and fatigue reduction. Take advantage of our 7 day test drive guarantee: Try ACE sunglasses for a week. If they don’t exceed your comfort and clarity expectations, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

ACE provides the utmost visual clarity by eliminating all reflected scattered light, ensuring total relaxation for your eyes. Unlike inferior products, ACE lenses effectively block out such light without causing distortion that strains your vision, ultimately preventing fatigue and headaches. Each purchase includes a complimentary case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Experience the best vision with ACE.

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Explore ACE sunglasses online – your go-to source for the best sunglasses for driving, sports and general use. Our collection includes polarised sunglasses for men and women, boasting shatter and crack resistance with a hard-coated finish. Experience relaxed vision as our lenses sharpen objects, while 100% distortion-free technology blocks all scattered light, reducing fatigue and headaches. Perfect your sports performance with accurate depth perception. Our glasses feature natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters for eye protection and are super-lightweight for stability. We’re 100% Australian owned and designed, offering Free shipping worldwide. Crafted from premium Swiss frame materials, our exclusive trademarked ACE Aphotic™ next gen polarised technology, developed in Japanese laboratories, enhances your experience. Lens tint choice is based on preference and intended use. AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 certification ensures high glare reduction and UVA UVB UVC protection. Elevate your vision with ACE.

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Axinite, Imperial, Khaki, Steel

38 reviews for Podium Slayer Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Gareth T

    I got the slightly narrower Slay as recommended by Frank. He saw my order, looked me up on Facebook saw my pic and was good enough to suggest a change in my order to the smaller slay rather than the slayer. Very impressed. Love the Lightness, the look, the feel but most of all the clarity. I am colourblind and the colours now just seem to “pop”. The glare is gone, but everything is brighter – in a good way. Bought them primarily for golf so will see how that goes but sure it will be awesome. Now contemplating a second pair to have one in the car, one in the golf bag, etc. They will be everyday sunglasses too i have no doubt. Great service from Frank and team – awesome, some of the best I have experienced and i am in Hospitality where service is #1

  2. Jan and Colin

    My husband and I each have a pair of Ace glasses. My husbands were acquired specially to help him whilst playing golf. The pair he chose is “Podium Slayer Aphotic Khaki” as they have side glare protection and the lens was advised by the designer of the brand. He is extremely pleased with them and feels they are the best fit for purpose glasses and for everyday wear that he has ever owned.
    I had the choice of designs and finally decided on Atomik Blonde. As I have had a brush with sun cancer I am very conscious of eye damage. I am extremely pleased with the clarity and glare resistance, they suit my face are stylish, extremely comfortable, they are excellent value and the quality is unsurpassed.
    We are more than happy to endorse Ace.

  3. Paul

    Hey mate got the podium slayer sunnies great mate both cliff and I love them only problem is I can’t take them off because everything looks shit 😂without them 👌

  4. Steve M

    Clear vision for ultimate performance…. with @acesunglassesstevenm

  5. Isaiah

    Sick vision when riding
    My Podium slayers are just awesome when I’m out riding MTB. Comfortable, super clear and feels like I’m cheating with this advanced vision. I can just relax and see everything coming up. Nothing else has given me this clarity before.

  6. Anthony F

    Did not like the fit when first tried on but after adjusting the nose piece the fit was excellent. for golf the lenses are first rate can read the greens with ease

  7. Frank T

    These sunglasses are made for sport, they are incredibly stable and are highly adjustable. They cut the glair and sit comfortably on your face. Not only are they extremely light and flexible but the way they were designed makes it hard to fog the lenses, not to mention the overall outstanding quality like all Ace Sunglasses.

  8. Happy Bowler

    Awesome sunnies 👍 Very impressed

  9. Clinton K

    The best pair for beach volley
    Absolutely awesome sunglasses for sport. I use them for beach volleyball and wouldn’t use anything else. Adjust to any shape head and really provides incredible protection, not only against on coming spikes, but against those harmful UV rays too. Highly recommend 🙂 Podium Slayer Aphotic™ Axinite

  10. Craig B

    Ultimate Clarity
    These are the ultimate in clarity and quality so much so I have two styles The Don and Podium Slayer. I have had my pairs for over 2 years now and their like new, Highly recommend these.

  11. Luke

    My Ace sunnies have the most superior clarity than any other sunglasse brand I have ever had and I have tried all of them.
    I am stoked with the durability of my Battle Ready pair I have had for almost two years now and my Slayer pair have helped my golf massively.
    Thanks Ace.

  12. Trent L

    Fitness & Sporting Events BOSS!!
    Always skeptical when it comes to glasses in my Sport/fitness as in the past have trialed various pairs, but WOW!! The Podium Slayers come with me everywhere, they are the first thing I pack for Spartan/OCR & running events. In OCR we require glasses that can take a hit while also giving ourselves that slight edge of seeing clearly through water, protecting the eyes from obstacles on the trails and eliminating the harshness of the suns glare!! Tough, Comfortable & stylish…….Highly recommended! Cheers ACE SUNGLASSES

  13. Steve B

    Wow. Just wow, the best sunnies I have ever had, was wearing more expensive top of line brand.gpt my podium slayer aphotics , could not believe the difference, highly recommend ace sunnies. You will not be disappointed

  14. Geoff

    Best I’ve ever had seriously! I work in the marine industry on the water just about every day selling boats and best investment I’ve made for myself!! Would like another pair!!!

  15. Reuben M

    Awesome clarity and distance
    Just the best lenses, beats Oakley for clarity and distance. You can simply see more, eyes are very relaxed, just amazing!

  16. Ben

    Thank you very much to the great people @acesunglasses

    These #sunnies surprised me on three levels I did not expect.
    1) #comfort is just beyond what I thought. Specially ordering online I was a bit worried but #acesunglasses did a great job identifying my need.
    2) #lightweight I didn’t think that they’d be able to beat my current set of sunnies I bought for a big sum of money, they did by a country mile.
    3) #clearvision just so crisp and clear. All I can say is #wow
    4) #cuttingglare which is very good for my blue eyes and outdoor lifestyle.
    5) #quality made me so proud opening up the mail and even the cleaning cloths are superior quality. It says something about the company and the people behind the brand.
    6) #accessories even the caps was not only a nice touch but not cheap low quality imports.
    Oh wait, that is 6!!!!
    Just had my first session wearing the podium slayer and 🥰 wow!

  17. Ben B

    No eyewear I trust more than @acesunglasses

  18. Lee Priest

    The Slayer by acesunglasses @acesunglasses best sunglasses and clearest I’ve ever worn 👌👍

  19. Craig C

    Best glasses I have purchased

  20. Norm K

    Just got those shades and oh mate! Even with my restricted sight everything was so much clearer.
    Much gratitude to you.

  21. John S

    Just received my glasses, best ever

  22. Peta H

    As a swim teacher ( outdoors) I was getting headaches & my eyes were suffering bad to the point I could hardly open my eyes towards the end of a shift in my old sunglasses, that all changed when I discovered ACE glasses they really saved me /my eyes. I have now ordered another pair for my husband with help of the ACE team & their excellent customer service with quick delivery. Highly recommended.

  23. Nick C

    Fantastic experience from start to finish. Great website, great customer service and an exceptional product. Could not recommend Ace Sunglasses any higher.

  24. Richard

    Wow, such great service, thank you 🙏
    I have just started wearing them, they sit perfectly and very easy on the eyes so a definite winner 👍🙏
    I find your advice excellent and superb customer care.

  25. Sam P

    Best running sunnies i have had…they make a mockery of some of the other so called running sunnies.…

  26. Yogi B

    Best sunglasses I have ever had and great on the bowling green

  27. Gregg M

    Live up to claims more. Definitely what I have been looking for.

  28. Anthony M

    Loving my Podium Slayers. Replaced a set of Oakley’s that were double the price and the lens quality is subjectively better in my view heh!
    Thanks guys, quick shipping and 5 star service.

  29. Darren B

    Very comfortable great lenses. Shown them to my friends expect more orders 😎

  30. Ken H

    Amazing Sunnies
    These sunnies are fantastic. Stops all the glare and work perfectly in low light. I love them.

  31. Michael G

    Best Sunglasses Ever
    I struggled with other sunglasses play sport but these new sunglasses are the Best. Well worth the Price

  32. David S

    Great sunnies.
    I have received my glasses and am enjoying the clear, fully protective, and the incredible peripheral vision of these great ‘sunnies’. They fit well and are very light; so 100% thumbs up

  33. Nick C

    Best sunglasses
    Fantastic sunglasses! Use them for beach volleyball, whether it’s a bright sunny day or an overcast glary day these sunglasses are perfect. Could not recommend them higher!

  34. Dave C

    Not only was the service awesome, but they are great to play bowls in. Having Frank ring me 15 minutes after leaving a message at 9pm on a Friday night just shows how vested they are in making not only a great product but a great company.

  35. Curtis S

    Unreal! I bought myself a pair for beach volleyball, and they are amazing! Super clear lenses and they stay on my head while Jumping!

  36. Colin C

    The best sunglasses I have ever used for golf I nearly got a hole in one but I can’t blame the glasses for missing 😊

  37. Nick C

    Best sunnies I’ve ever played sport in!

  38. Guy Andrews

    Massive shout out to @acesunglasses for a saving my eyes! I have a heap of trouble with head aches and flash burn in low light situations. When I’m coaching pool side early the bright flood lights and backlit signs kill my eyes and affect me all day, similarly when I watch my daughter @alex__raven__ dance the stage lights make detail hard. The crew at Ace Sunglasses explain how the blue light hits in these situations and sent out some polarised Aphotic Axinite lenses and the difference is astounding. Happy days!

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