The Don Aphotic™ Polarised

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Size: Medium Width: 138mm Height: 50mm

Elevate your driving and sports experience with ACE sunglasses – the ultimate blend of performance, glare relief, and fatigue reduction. Take advantage of our 7 day test drive guarantee: Try ACE sunglasses for a week. If they don’t exceed your comfort and clarity expectations, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

ACE provides the utmost visual clarity by eliminating all reflected scattered light, ensuring total relaxation for your eyes. Unlike inferior products, ACE lenses effectively block out such light without causing distortion that strains your vision, ultimately preventing fatigue and headaches. Each purchase includes a complimentary case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Experience the best vision with ACE.

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Explore ACE sunglasses online – your go-to source for the best sunglasses for driving, sports and general use. Our collection includes polarised sunglasses for men and women, boasting shatter and crack resistance with a hard-coated finish. Experience relaxed vision as our lenses sharpen objects, while 100% distortion-free technology blocks all scattered light, reducing fatigue and headaches. Perfect your sports performance with accurate depth perception. Our glasses feature natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters for eye protection and are super-lightweight for stability. We’re 100% Australian owned and designed, offering Free shipping worldwide. Crafted from premium Swiss frame materials, our exclusive trademarked ACE Aphotic™ next gen polarised technology, developed in Japanese laboratories, enhances your experience. Lens tint choice is based on preference and intended use. AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 certification ensures high glare reduction and UVA UVB UVC protection. Elevate your vision with ACE.

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Axinite, Imperial, Khaki, Steel

23 reviews for The Don Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Matt & Jacqui

    Yeah they are so good we went for a drive out to Wivenhoe dam the other day and we were talking about all the weed in the dam and realised that no one else knew what we were talking about because only we could see it through our glasses.😊

  2. Jim K

    Best allrounders
    I love the Dons for just general day to day use. These ones can be used for any scenario and therefore in my opinion are one of the best pairs to invest in, because they are just so versatile.

  3. Paul

    A boost to the confidence!
    I already own the Enforcer which I wear everyday at work. I was so impressed that I purchased The Don for a change on weekends and when socialising. They offer me the performance of my Enforcers but the class of any top-end sunglass. They are a real confidence booster getting a lot of attention.

  4. Marcel A

    Wow, easily the most luxurious glasses I have ever worn, and the lenses are brilliant, pure clarity!

  5. John R

    Great colours
    I have RP & am colour blind. After talking to Frank we decided to go with the above. Great true colour, I never realised the lawn was that green & the variation of colours within the trees, awesome. Great costumer service. Cheers Frank

  6. Michael

    Never been happier with sunglasses before. The best shape and quality. Makes my old Oakleys feel like a toy.

  7. Michelle A

    It’s an Ace
    I discovered Ace whilst I was photographing one of Brisbane’s models, Jessmay, who arrived with a pair of Ace on location. I was taken back by the quality of the frames and and lens quality. As a photographer, I have an eye for quality sunglasses and in the past only wore one of America’s leading brands. I spoke to the team at Ace and ordered a pair of Ace “The Don” and they are now my absolute favourites. They feel great on, offer such perfect vision and protection and even make me good looking 🙂 … love my pair of Ace.

  8. Shanon Z

    The first pair of Ace handed to me to try was the Don. This was about 18 months ago and I’ve been wearing them ever since! With a casual yet smart frame they are an all day everyday style and light enough that you can easily still play sport and exercise. Once you find the frame you like the rest is easy as the lens is the best you will find anywhere. On top of that, knowing the experience behind the company is assuring your product is one of the best on the market.

  9. David A

    Awesome sunglasses 😎

  10. Darko Z

    Thank-you so much for the sunglasses, they are definitely the clearest glasses I have ever worn. They also feel great on and are a fantastic product!

  11. Craig H

    Great product, great service 👍👍

  12. Ben A

    Can’t live with out them
    These are just fantastic sunglasses! I wear them literally every day…and sometimes forget how good they are until I put another pair of glasses on. The build quality is fantastic and the clarity through the lenses is amazing. Best glasses I have owned!

  13. Pete S

    My Don, in khaki arrived today, I played golf, and yes, they have exceeded my expectations! Quite possibly the most comfortable sunnies I’ve ever had and as you advised, the clarity is fantastic for golf. Thank you for the super fast dispatch and delivery and the excellent communication in answering my questions. Thanks,

  14. Andrew B

    What can I say other than the best sunnies I have worn in my life. I have very sensitive eyes and the lenses are next level. Plenty of styles and lenses to suit everyone. Highly recommend and a fantastic Australian company. Don’t go pass them.

  15. Brendan R

    Awesome fit, lenses are amazing

  16. Paul S

    My new Aces arrived and having my own business, I really appreciated the communication, the way the product was packed together with spare cloths and a very well made case. I could tell that this company cares about its product and especially their customers. I have been wearing my “Dons” for a few days now and could not be happier. Great to deal with a great Australian owned company

  17. Chris B

    Fantastic Sunnies!
    After doing 14 ski seasons and wearing (and breaking) most leading brands of sunglasses I can say without hesitation that these are the best sunnies I’ve ever owned. They have served me well on my travels and back here in the U.K. I will never wear anything else.
    The Don Aphotic™ Axinite

  18. Alista M

    Unbeatable quality and value! Do yourself a favour and buy a pair – you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Paul M

    Received “The Don” sunnies Thankyou very much.
    They are bloody awesome!!! I love them.
    Thanks Again.

  20. Steve W

    Great glasses..I have 2 pairs.. The Don..

  21. Romeo Johnson USA

    One of my favorite places and favorite things! …Australia and Sunglasses combined!!! …or sunnies as they call them. I love my @acesunglasses! The clarity and quality of these lenses makes the sun in #lasvegas and #losangeles bearable and my eyes feel relaxed and pleasant.

  22. Nathan C

    Great Quality!
    Love these sunnies! Super comfortable fit, and love the polarised effect. They have been knocked off a few times when playing with the kids and still going strong, I can vouch for the great quality and strength.

  23. Shane S

    Never thought I would put the Oakley aside until I got my first pair of Ace sunglasses.

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