Enduro Aphotic™ Polarised

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Best Polarised Driving & Sports – Glare Relief – Fight Fatigue – Reduce Headaches

7 Day Test Drive Guarantee

Buy any pair of Ace Sunglasses and Test Drive them for 7 days.

If they are not the most comfortable and clearest sunglasses you have ever owned return them within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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  • Shatter and crack resistant plus hard coated
  • Sharpens objects for relaxed vision
  • 100% Distortion-Free blocking ALL scattered light
  • Helps reduce fatigue and headaches
  • Perfect depth perception and accuracy for sports
  • Natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters to protect eyes
  • Super-lightweight to stabilise the glasses when worn
  • 100% Australian owned and Designed
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Premium Swiss Frame materials
  • Exclusive trademarked Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarised technology has been engineered in Japan laboratories
  • Lens tint comes down to personal preference and the application it’s intended for so here’s a rough guide.
  • 1. Aphotic™ Next Gen Steel Polarised lenses are engineered to be a neutral tint offering superior visual clarity and can be worn by all eye types – a very common worldwide choice.
  • 2. Aphotic™ Next Gen Khaki Polarised lenses are performance engineered to really sharpen greens, defining depth and making objects crystal clear and can be worn by all eye types. Particularly effective for sports such as golf, tennis, cricket, lawn bowls, etc
    Users who are colour blind  will enjoy the visual sharpness through Aphotic™ Khaki.
  • 3. Aphotic™ Next Gen Axinite Polarised lenses are engineered to give the greatest depth perception. Everything in visual range is super sharp and accurate to distance. Particularly effective for sports such as Fishing, Boating, Sailing, Beach, Winter Sports etc
    Not suitable for colourblindness…choose Aphotic™ Khaki and enjoy improved reds and greens.
  • 4. Aphotic™ Next Gen Imperial Polarised lenses are engineered to be highly relaxing to the eye offering the sensitive to glare wearer superior eye comfort. Particularly effective for driving, trucking, running, cycling and all outdoor activities.
    Not suitable for colourblindness…choose Aphotic™ Khaki and enjoy improved reds and greens.
  • AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 high glare reduction good UVA UVB UVC protection sunglasses.
Dimensions 14.2 × 5.6 cm
Choose Polarised Lens Tint

Axinite, Imperial, Khaki, Steel

7 reviews for Enduro Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Brett

    Mate Ace sunglasses are the best on the market for driving with the highest level of polarised and the Axinite tint lights up the road and takes out the entire glare and gives you the best view through the windscreen even in low light. I believe they are the best for price and on the market today for all your sunglasses needs.

  2. Stefan

    Clarity Comfort durability, Value for money
    Working in construction tends to be brutal on sunglasses. I purchased two pairs of ACE BATTLE READY sunglasses over two years ago and have the second pair still unused. The clarity, comfort and durability of ACE lenses and frames in my opinion are for more superior than all other leading brands available. They are also Amazing value for money.
    Stefan R

  3. Steve

    Absolutely amazing
    These things are by far the most comfortable to wear and the lenses are like nothing else…. I’ve always worn what I thought to be good quality sunglasses however these are far more superior, I drive trucks all day and on the weekends I’m either at the beach, out on the water or out the bush and I can easily wear my Ace Optics Battle Ready sunglasses in all sorts of conditions…. Do yourself a favour get em on ya head…🤙
    Steve N

  4. Steven

    Absolute clarity of vision, great styles, and all have super high quality finish.
    Steven K

  5. Kevin

    I’m Loving My New Ace Sunglasses. They look Great on, they feel so sturdy and professionally built. The Axinite Lens are crystal clear and enhance My vision while protecting My Eyes in even the harshest sunlight. Thanks Acesunglasses😊😊

  6. Daniel

    These have been perfect for my needs, and are top quality and much cheaper than the old big corporation brands.
    Daniel J

  7. Jamie

    What an amazing pair of sunnies. I have never experienced a pair of glasses that are this light and this clear. It feels like I’ve walked into a TV shop and am looking at the best most expensive TV on display, the colour and clarity of ACE lenses in unbelievable. And then there is the incredible protection and comfort for sensitive eyes, glare used to be an issue but now I have no trouble even on the brightest Brisbane days.
    It really feels like I am doing my eyes a favour, no more squinting even with my sensitive blue eyes on a bright Queensland day.
    It feels like sunglasses have taken a step into the future in Australia with this Ace sunglasses range. I haven’t found anything else on the market with lenses this high quality;it feels like going from an old grainy TV to a futuristic HD TV.
    Jamie A

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