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Size: Large Width: 138mm Height: 46mm

Elevate your driving and sports experience with ACE sunglasses – the ultimate blend of performance, glare relief, and fatigue reduction. Take advantage of our 7 day test drive guarantee: Try ACE sunglasses for a week. If they don’t exceed your comfort and clarity expectations, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

ACE provides the utmost visual clarity by eliminating all reflected scattered light, ensuring total relaxation for your eyes. Unlike inferior products, ACE lenses effectively block out such light without causing distortion that strains your vision, ultimately preventing fatigue and headaches. Each purchase includes a complimentary case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Experience the best vision with ACE.

Explore ACE sunglasses online – your go-to source for the best sunglasses for driving, sports and general use. Our collection includes polarised sunglasses for men and women, boasting shatter and crack resistance with a hard-coated finish. Experience relaxed vision as our lenses sharpen objects, while 100% distortion-free technology blocks all scattered light, reducing fatigue and headaches. Perfect your sports performance with accurate depth perception. Our glasses feature natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters for eye protection and are super-lightweight for stability. We’re 100% Australian owned and designed, offering Free shipping worldwide. Crafted from premium Swiss frame materials, our exclusive trademarked ACE Aphotic™ next gen polarised technology, developed in Japanese laboratories, enhances your experience. Lens tint choice is based on preference and intended use. AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 certification ensures high glare reduction and UVA UVB UVC protection. Elevate your vision with ACE.

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Axinite, Imperial, Khaki, Steel

17 reviews for Battle Ready Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Dragan

    I’m 60 years old and have had many different sunglasses in my life. Currently have been wearing RayBans and thought they were good until today 20/10/22 l tried my new Ace Battle Ready sunglasses and a new experience was born, no sun glare and just clear crisp vision and comfort with zero eye fatigue. Definitely recommend Ace sunglasses for all ages. Unfortunately took this long to get this experience. Thanks Shannon for your help, patience and advice. Much appreciated 👊👊👊😊

  2. Murray O

    I’m a fisherman and have tried every top brand of polarised sunnies on the market, Ace are up there with the very best, if not better. The frames are the lighter, smoother and more comfortable to wear than the others which is so important when you wear them for 10+ hours a day. Best part is they are up to HALF the price of the others and Australian owned and designed!! If you need polarised glasses and really everyone should use them, do yourself a favour and get some Ace Optics

  3. Ben

    Where do I start. had my pair of Battle Ready’s for about 2 weeks and then miss placed them. I knew I’d eventually find them but had to go back to my old pair of sunnies for 3 weeks. I was so relieved and I’m sure my eyes were also when I found them. By far the best and most comfortable pair of glasses I have ever owned.

  4. Richard R

    Just started using my Ace for days out fishing. With the wrap around frame and polarised lenses they are perfect especially on a bright sunny day great protection for my eyes. The tint on the lenses works perfectly with the polarised lens. Definitely a recommend product.

  5. Darren R

    By far the best lenses for High Glare situations
    For many years I had been a loyal Oakley customer for my chosen hobby of Beach Volleyball Refereeing. The moment I switched to my ACE Battle Ready frames with the Axinite lenses I noticed a significant decrease in eye strain from the glare reduction, and superb clarity. Frank and the team really know their stuff, and are able to make recommendations customized to your needs and your own eye characteristics. The Battle Ready also fit my large Melon well, which is something I have found challenging with other brands. I highly recommend you give ACE lenses a try, you will not look back.

  6. Beau

    Literally best sunnies ever. When I first put these on I had one word to day ‘WOW’ these lenses are so clear and crisp you have to try them for yourself. I used to squint wearing sunnies on a bright day with these on I don’t need to squint and my eyes don’t feel strained. No joke

  7. Will S

    Clarity and comfortable
    I love my pair of Battle Ready glasses…. As a photographer the optical clarify is of upmost importance and these are fantastic…. plus they are super comfortable.

  8. Steve A

    Absolutely loving my new ace sunglasses battle ready sunnies..
    The lenses are amazing and super easy on the eyes, as a driver I spend many hours behind the wheel and these things are so comfortable and lightweight… highly recommend these babies..
    Love your work guys it’s awesome to finally have high quality sunglasses at a sensible price…🤙

  9. Adam D

    Soooo amazed by these amazing quality sunglasses.. better than the best of the best.. ace=number one

  10. Ray P

    I have 2 pair for 2 years now and love them.i ride as well great on the bike

  11. Liz G

    Best thing ever
    Bought these for Husband as he is colour deficient in seeing blues and greens, and he’s just had cataract surgery, and with his cheap crap glasses still having major issues with glare etc. He put these on and could not believe the relief, then totally framed out at how well he could see colours. He’s so rapt…. these are the best thing ever!

  12. Kate L

    As a roofer in north QLD, my partner loves his ACE sunnies. Super easy to deal with, amazing product and Australian owned 😎

  13. Peter K

    I’m a truck driver and these are the best for the long days. Cheers

  14. D and Y C

    After trying many brands of sunglasses over the past 25 years driving heavy vehicles, these are by far the best sunglasses I have ever bought. No eye strain or headaches at the end of my 12 hour day. Excellent vision regardless of weather conditions. Highly recommended!

  15. Peter S

    Best Sunnies Ever!
    My new Ace Sun Glasses arrived this week, they look an feel great, so comfortable, but even better sunglasses. Played golf today in bright sunny conditions, they are the clearest , sharpest I have ever worn, with zero glare. Well done Ace.

  16. Peter S

    The best sunnies ever! I have had many brands over the years, some way more expensive and others lots cheaper, but none as sharp and clear. I wear them everyday for work and play, and have just ordered my 4th pair. You guys Aced it.

  17. Stefan R

    I’m loving my new Battle Ready’s. These are the most comfortable sunglasses and have far more superior lenses than anything I have experienced before by far. Well done Ace.👍👍

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