Dirty Harriet Aphotic™ Polarised


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Size: Medium – Large Width: 143mm Height: 53mm

Elevate your driving and sports experience with ACE sunglasses – the ultimate blend of performance, glare relief, and fatigue reduction. Take advantage of our 7 day test drive guarantee: Try ACE sunglasses for a week. If they don’t exceed your comfort and clarity expectations, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

ACE provides the utmost visual clarity by eliminating all reflected scattered light, ensuring total relaxation for your eyes. Unlike inferior products, ACE lenses effectively block out such light without causing distortion that strains your vision, ultimately preventing fatigue and headaches. Each purchase includes a complimentary case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Experience the best vision with ACE.

Explore ACE sunglasses online – your go-to source for the best sunglasses for driving, sports and general use. Our collection includes polarised sunglasses for men and women, boasting shatter and crack resistance with a hard-coated finish. Experience relaxed vision as our lenses sharpen objects, while 100% distortion-free technology blocks all scattered light, reducing fatigue and headaches. Perfect your sports performance with accurate depth perception. Our glasses feature natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters for eye protection and are super-lightweight for stability. We’re 100% Australian owned and designed, offering Free shipping worldwide. Crafted from premium Swiss frame materials, our exclusive trademarked ACE Aphotic™ next gen polarised technology, developed in Japanese laboratories, enhances your experience. Lens tint choice is based on preference and intended use. AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 certification ensures high glare reduction and UVA UVB UVC protection. Elevate your vision with ACE.

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Axinite, Imperial, Steel

9 reviews for Dirty Harriet Aphotic™ Polarised

  1. Dianne

    Love my ACE sunglasses. Really clear, I feel like my eyes are relaxed when I’m wearing them. The style is also great. Quality is far more than the price tag. Will only buy ACE for now on.

  2. Carmen

    Anything but Dirty!
    The clarity of my Dirty Harriet sunglasses is amazing. I wish I could wear them 24/7. They have the amazing ability to make my eyes feel more relaxed. I have worn lots of high-end sunnies and have never found a pair that offer everything at such a great price including the fact that they are super sexy!

  3. Laura A

    The best lenses I’ve ever worn ( and I’m a Gold Coast water baby). 100% better than any other sunnies I’ve ever tried!!!

  4. Jan C

    Extremely happy with my Ace sunglasses, really pleased with the stylish shape and love the imperial lens which are so soothing on my eyes. Find they have been perfect when driving also.

  5. Magenta Q

    Ace sunglasses are my brand of choice, and I love the look of high fashion in their Dirty Harriet. I still can’t get over how crystal clear the world becomes when I wear Ace.

  6. Belinda K

    I don’t think you’ll ever quite understand how much I adore my sunglasses.
    Honestly they are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t know how I did life without them.

  7. Kirsten F

    These are the best sunnies I have ever had – love the fit and the shape. Lost the first set and have to get another pair as I feel like I am now missing my right arm!

  8. Rachael R

    I have had many sunglasses over the years including Ray Ban, Oakley and Bolle and my new ace’s leave them all for dust. Best lenses ever!! They have also increased my sex appeal😊😊

  9. Anita A

    Best sunnies ever!
    Seriously I LOVE my Dirty Harriet’s. As I drive long hours regularly, they are great. The lens colour is perfect in all light conditions. They’re also great for the fishing and boating that we do on weekends, as the polarized lenses help me to see into the water, not just the surface. And the shape of the frames is great, very fashionable.

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