Discover The Ultimate Eyewear Solution For Driving and Sports with ACE Sunglasses.

Our Lenses Eliminate Glare and Provide Distortion-Free Clarity, Ensuring a Comfortable and Focused Experience.

Introducing ACE designer sunglasses’ next gen Aphotic™ polarisation.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is this? And here’s where the heart of our message lies…

Surprisingly, most people are unaware of the material that forms their sunglasses!

This presents a genuine concern – the lack of awareness regarding the potential harm to our eyes caused by certain lens materials prevalent in the global market today.

Delving deeper, let’s explore the distinct material types and draw a meaningful comparison to ACE designer Sunglasses’ Aphotic™ polarised next gen lenses.

Acrylic non-polarised

Acrylic non-polarised lenses come with several pitfalls. They are prone to cracking and shattering, making them fragile. These lenses can cause blurriness, especially when looking at distant objects. Inducing distortion, they strain the eyes, resulting in fatigue, discomfort, and headaches as the eyes struggle to focus independently. Furthermore, they permit scattered reflected glare to infiltrate, impairing vision. Additionally, these lenses lack inherent UV ray protection.

0.7mm polarised

The 0.7mm polarised lenses exhibit significant distortion-related issues. Notably, there’s observable distortion evident in reflections and movements while wearing the sunglasses. This distortion leads to eye strain, fatigue, and potential headaches as your eyes struggle to focus independently, even causing vertigo. Furthermore, these lenses fail to effectively block scattered light due to their distortion, and they can misrepresent object depth, which can be a disadvantage during sports and outdoor activities. Additionally, these lenses lack inherent UV ray protection.

front of sunglasses showing distortion reflection

Low-grade polycarbonate quality

Low-grade polycarbonate quality lenses come with several drawbacks. When exposed to sunlight, these lenses tend to develop a milky tint. Their softness makes them susceptible to easy scratching. Moreover, these lenses introduce distortion, leading to eye strain, increased independent eye effort, and the possibility of headaches.

CR39 polarised (Columbia resin batch #39)

CR39 polarised (Columbia resin batch #39) lenses come with their own set of concerns. These lenses are vulnerable to cracking and shattering, which could potentially lead to shattered fragments entering the eyes upon impact. Additionally, they are heavier compared to more modern lens technologies and lack inherent UV ray protection.

Glass lenses

Glass lenses, while often considered classic, have their drawbacks. They are prone to cracking and shattering, which can be dangerous if fragments reach the eyes. The weight of glass lenses on the nose bridge can potentially lead to headaches, and their rigid design may cause discomfort and pressure on the sides of the head due to lack of flexibility. Additionally, they lack inherent UV ray protection.

sunglasses glass lens cracked and shattered and dangerous

Subpar polarisation

Subpar polarised lenses can present notable issues. They often introduce significant distortion, causing the eyes to strain and work independently to correct the distorted visuals. These lenses also fall short in fully blocking scattered light, leading to distorted object distances and posing a significant disadvantage, especially for athletes. Additionally, they contribute to fatigue and are associated with triggering headaches and vertigo.

Substandard acetate frames

Frames made from substandard acetate material can have several drawbacks. Their weight can lead to pressure on the nose bridge, resulting in potential headaches. The rigidity of these frames can cause discomfort behind the ears and contribute to headaches. Furthermore, they are prone to deformation, leading to frequent slipping and instability.

sunglasses acetate frame spread wide

Let’s now delve into the remarkable features of ACE Designer Sunglasses Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarisation:

Experience the remarkable benefits of ACE sunglasses: Our lenses are resistant to shattering and cracking, fortified with a protective hard coat. Crafted from an exclusive Japanese laboratory lens material, they amplify object clarity while maintaining distortion-free Polarisation to effectively block scattered light. Say goodbye to fatigue and headaches, as our sunglasses provide precise depth perception and accuracy for sports. With natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters, your eyes are comprehensively protected. The lightweight Swiss frame material ensures stability during wear. Embrace unmatched designer sunglasses available online, all while saving money. Take advantage of our 7-day test drive and 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, risk-free!

Rest assured, if your ACE designer sunglasses featuring Aphotic™ next gen polarised lenses don’t surpass your previous or current eyewear, simply let us know for a prompt and full refund.

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