Ace® Aphotic™ Polarised lenses offer the purest visual clarity blocking out all reflected scattered light so that your eyes are totally relaxed while outdoors. Inferior products and materials don’t fully block out reflected scattered light and usually have some level of distortion straining your vision which can result in fatigue and headaches.

Yes! When you put so much effort into learning a skill you need to be wearing a product that enhances your skill level by offering deadly accurate vision improving your performance so that every object is true to its distance allowing you to focus in precisely.

Ace® is designed with superior Aphotic™ Polarised lenses. While your eyes are focusing on keeping objects in the distance clear Ace® Aphotic™ lenses allow your eyes to keep focus without straining which helps in lessening fatigue. Inferior products will cause eye strain and fatigue due to either one or both of the following…poor dull lens tints which hinder your vision or varying degrees of distortion causing each eye to experience different levels of strain causing difficulty to focus on distance creating additional fatigue.
Yes! All Ace® Aphotic™ lenses are unique Performance Polarised so to eliminate reflected scattered glare from entering your eye. Ace® Aphotic™ Polarised lenses are set on a precise axis for maximum Polarisation.
Inferior products and materials can have varying distortion which not only allows scattered glare to enter the eye but also causes eye strain.
Ace® is designed in QLD Australia with over 35 years experience and technical knowledge of the eyewear industry and 100% totally Australian owned.
Absolutely! Ace® are designed to have as little weight on the bridge of your nose and no pressure behind the back of the ears without compromising strength. When you wear heavy or just uncomfortable sunglasses for long periods of time they can cause bruising and headaches.

You have a lot of the choice but it comes down to personal preference and the application it’s intended for so here’s a rough guide.

  1. Aphotic™ Steel Polarised lenses are engineered to be a neutral tint offering superior visual clarity and can be worn by all eye types – a very common worldwide choice.

  2. Aphotic™ Khaki Polarised lenses are performance engineered to really sharpen greens, defining depth and making objects crystal clear and can be worn by all eye types. Particularly effective for sports such as golf, tennis, cricket, lawn bowls,  etc

    Users who are colour blind  will enjoy the visual sharpness through Aphotic™ Khaki.

  3. Aphotic™ Axinite Polarised lenses are engineered to give the greatest depth perception. Everything in visual range is super sharp and accurate to distance. Particularly effective for sports such as Fishing, Boating, Sailing, Beach, Winter Sports etc

    Not suitable for colourblindness.

  4. Aphotic™ Imperial Polarised lenses are engineered to be highly relaxing to the eye offering the sensitive to glare wearer superior eye comfort. Particularly effective for driving, trucking, running, cycling and all outdoor activities.

    Not suitable for colourblindness.
No! Ace® Aphotic™ Polarised lenses are uniquely manufactured so each style functions precisely for maximum performance in its plano form.


All orders will be dispatched regular post within 24hrs with exception of weekends through Australia Post. All orders are shipped registered with tracking requiring a signature.

If not home a card for pickup will be left either in letterbox or front door.

Overseas orders due to Covid currently are sent express to minimise delays with tracking requiring a signature so bare in mind depending on the country there maybe some delays.

Caring for your Ace® Sunglasses and warranty


Sweat, sunscreen, and saltwater are damaging to your product if not looked after so a daily wash with lukewarm water and if needed a mild dish soap to remove build up after a day’s activity is beneficial.


Dry with supplied Ace® luxury microfiber cloth and store in supplied Ace® protective hard case.


Do not leave your Ace® sunglasses on dashboards, or in the heat of locked cars.


Ace® comply with stringent Australian and New Zealand standards which are the highest standards in the world.


AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 high glare reduction good UVA UVB UVC protection sunglasses.


Ace® sunglasses are warranted for 1 year against manufacturing faults from the date of purchase.


Warranty is valid only with proof of sunglasses goods purchased new.


Warranty does not cover sunglasses scratching of lenses, general wear or misuse.


Ace® will assess sunglasses and repair or replace faulty frames that are covered by the warranty.