What Sets ACE Sunglasses Apart?

ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses redefine visual clarity, eliminating all forms of reflected scattered light. This ensures your eyes remain completely relaxed in outdoor settings. In contrast, subpar products and materials tend to fall short in fully blocking out reflected scattered light. Moreover, they often introduce distortions that strain your vision, leading to fatigue and headaches. Opt for ACE, where unmatched clarity meets uncompromising comfort.

Can ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses Enhance My Accuracy and Overall Performance?

Absolutely! ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses are designed to complement your skill level. They provide pinpoint accurate vision, elevating your performance to new heights. With these lenses, every object appears true to its distance, enabling you to focus with unparalleled precision. It’s not just eyewear; it’s a performance-enhancing tool that ensures you’re always at your best.

Will ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses Enhance Driving?

Indeed, ACE is tailored with cutting-edge Aphotic™ Polarised lenses. As your eyes work to keep distant objects clear during driving, ACE lenses facilitate this task without inducing strain, reducing fatigue.

In contrast, inferior products often lead to eye strain and fatigue. This could stem from subpar, dull lens tints impeding clear vision or distorted views, causing varying levels of eye strain and hindering distance focus. ACE lenses stand as a solution to this, ensuring your eyes remain comfortable and focused, making driving a more relaxed and safer experience.

Are All ACE Aphotic™ Sunglasses Polarised?​

Absolutely! ACE’s Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses are exclusively designed as performance polarised, precisely engineered to block out reflected scattered glare and prevent it from entering your eyes. These lenses are carefully aligned on a specific axis to ensure maximum polarisation, delivering unparalleled glare reduction.

In contrast, subpar products and materials can introduce varying levels of distortion. This not only permits scattered glare to infiltrate your eyes but also leads to eye strain. ACE’s commitment to quality ensures your eyes are protected from glare and discomfort, making your experience comfortable and clear.

Is ACE Australian Owned and Designed?

Indeed, ACE sunglasses are meticulously designed in Queensland, Australia, backed by more than 38 years of experience and profound technical expertise in the eyewear industry.

What’s more, ACE stands as a Australian-owned venture, reflecting our deep commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation.

Are ACE Sunglasses Lightweight and Comfortable?

Absolutely! ACE sunglasses are thoughtfully engineered to minimize weight on the bridge of your nose and eliminate pressure behind the ears – all while maintaining their structural integrity. We understand that wearing heavy or uncomfortable sunglasses for extended periods can lead to discomfort, bruising, and even headaches. With ACE, you can enjoy both style and comfort without compromise.

Selecting The Ideal ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses For You

Choosing the right ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses for you

With a range of options available, making the right choice depends on personal preference and the intended use. Here’s a general guide:

Steel Aphotic™ Polarised lenses: These lenses offer a neutral tint for superior visual clarity. They suit all eye types and are a popular choice worldwide.

Khaki Aphotic™ Polarised lenses: Engineered to enhance greens and depth, providing crystal-clear object visibility. Suitable for all eye types, particularly effective for sports like golf, tennis, cricket, and lawn bowls. Enhanced visual sharpness benefits users with colour blindness.

Axinite Aphotic™ Polarised lenses: These lenses excel in depth perception, rendering everything in your visual range sharp and accurate. They are especially effective for sports such as fishing, boating, sailing, beach activities, and winter sports. Not ideal for colourblind users.

Imperial Aphotic™ Polarised lenses: Designed for superior eye comfort, these lenses are ideal for individuals sensitive to glare. They’re perfect for driving, trucking, running, cycling, and all outdoor activities. Not ideal for colourblind users.

Explore these options to find the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

Are ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses Available in Prescription?

No! ACE Aphotic™ Polarised Sunglasses are meticulously tailored to ensure peak performance in their plano form, guaranteeing unmatched functionality and visual excellence.

Shipping Information

Smooth shipping process

Every order is swiftly dispatched via regular post within 24 hours, excluding weekends, through Australia Post. For added security, all shipments are registered and tracked, necessitating a signature upon delivery.

In case you’re not home, a pickup card will be left either in your letterbox or at your front door.

International orders receive express shipping to minimize delays, complete with tracking and signature requirement. Do note that depending on the destination country, some delays may occur.

Caring For Your ACE Sunglasses and Warranty

Caring for your ACE sunglasses and warranty

To ensure the longevity of your ACE sunglasses, it’s important to note that sweat, sunscreen, and saltwater can be damaging if not properly cared for.

A daily wash with lukewarm water, and if necessary, mild dish soap, helps remove accumulated residue after activities.

Gently dry your sunglasses using the provided ACE luxury microfiber cloth and store them in the supplied protective case.

Once a week wash your ACE luxury microfiber cloth.

Avoid leaving your ACE sunglasses on dashboards or in hot, locked cars.

Rest assured, ACE adheres to the stringent Australian and New Zealand standards, which are among the highest in the world.

Our sunglasses are compliant with AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3, offering substantial glare reduction and excellent UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

ACE sunglasses are backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing faults from the date of purchase, with valid proof of new purchase required.

It’s important to note that this warranty doesn’t cover lens scratches, general wear, or misuse.

In cases covered by the warranty, ACE will evaluate the sunglasses and provide repair or replacement of faulty frames.

Your satisfaction and eyewear’s longevity remain our priority.

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