Care and Warranty

Sweat, sunscreen, and saltwater are damaging to your product if not looked after so a daily wash with lukewarm water and if needed a mild dish soap to remove build up after a day’s activity is beneficial.

Dry with supplied Ace luxury microfiber cloth and store in supplied Ace® protective hard case.

Do not leave your Ace sunglasses on dashboards, or in the heat of locked cars.

Ace comply with stringent Australian and New Zealand standards which are the highest standards in the world.

AS/NZS 1067.1.2016 Category 3 high glare reduction good UVA UVB UVC protection sunglasses.

Ace sunglasses are warranted for 1 year against manufacturing faults from the date of purchase.

Warranty is valid only with proof of sunglasses goods purchased new.

Warranty does not cover sunglasses scratching of lenses, general wear or misuse.

Ace will assess sunglasses and repair or replace faulty frames that are covered by the warranty.

Emailed requests for returns ace@acesunglasses.com.au for authorisation.

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