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What is Ace Next Gen Aphotic™ Polarisation Sunglasses

It’s a good question! As it leads into the main message of this article…

Majority of people have NO IDEA what material their Sunglasses are made from!


Funny gifs aside… this is a serious problem as most of us just have absolutely no idea how damaging it can be for our eyes relying on some of the lens materials available on the global market at the moment.

Let’s dive into the different types of materials and how Ace Aphotic™ Polarised Next Gen Sunglasses Lenses compare

Acrylic Non-Polarised

Can crack and shatter

Blurs object sharpness especially at distance

Has distortion causing eye strain resulting in fatigue and can cause headaches

Allows scattered reflected glare to pass through

Does not naturally protect from UV rays

0.7mm Polarised

Has huge distortion visible by looking at your reflection on the front surface

and moving the sunglass

Will cause fatigue due to the eyes needing to work differently and harder to keep objects in focus this can also cause headaches and vertigo

Distorted lenses causing scattered light not to be blocked out

Makes objects appear at incorrect depth resulting in a disadvantage if used for sporting activities

Do not naturally protect from UV rays

Poor Quality Polycarbonate

Tints milk when subjected to a lot of sunlight use

Very soft and scratches very easily

Have distortion which will cause fatigue due to the eyes needing to work

harder to keep objects in focus which can also cause headaches

CR39 polarised (Columbia Resin batch #39)

Can crack and shatter

Heavier than the majority of lens technology on the market

Do not naturally protect from UV rays

Glass Lenses

Can crack and shatter into eye

Heavy on the nose bridge which can cause headaches

Due to weight can constantly slip down the nose bridge

Are ridged by design and can cause pressure on the side of head due to no flexibility

Do not naturally protect from UV rays

Inferior Polarisation

Some inferior polarised lenses have huge distortion which causes the eyes to work extremely hard and both at different amounts to compensate for the distorted vision

Does not block out all the scattered light and makes objects not true to distance – a massive disadvantage for any wearer, especially athletes

Also causes fatigue and can cause headaches and vertigo



Kind of hard not to be right…

So let’s now have a look at Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Sunglasses Polarisation

✅ Shatter and crack resistant(hard coated)

✅ Sharpens objects for better vision

✅ 100% distortion-free blocking ALL scattered light

✅ Helps reduce fatigue and headaches

✅ Perfect depth perception and accuracy for sports

✅ Natural UVC/UVB/UVA filters to protect eyes

✅ Super-lightweight helping to stabilise the glasses when worn

… and do you know what the best part about Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarised Sunglasses technology we’re bringing to the global market is…

They come at the most affordable pricing for quality you can’t find WORLDWIDE and with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

If you don’t think your pair of Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarised Sunglasses aren’t better than your last or current pair of Sunglasses, just let us know and we’ll provide a full refund.

100% money-back guarantee on all Ace Aphotic™ Next Gen Polarised Sunglasses products!

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