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ACE takes immense pride in its unwavering authenticity. Our commitment stands resolute in crafting designer sunglasses of the utmost quality and cutting-edge innovation.

With decades of industry experience, your vision and eye health remain our paramount concern.


Introducing ACE’s exclusive Aphotic™ polarised next gen lenses – a gateway to crystal-clear, distortion-free vision, inducing relaxation.

Being 100% Australian owned and designed, ACE designer sunglasses take the lead in lens technology.

Each distinctive ACE creation originates in Queensland, Australia, crafted to combat our challenging glare conditions.

ACE relentlessly sources the finest global materials and manufacturing processes, upholding unparalleled quality standards.


ACE embodies the harmonious fusion of function and designer flair.

Infused with ACE’s ultralightweight, pinnacle sports tech, every designer piece is a masterpiece in itself.

At its core, ACE signifies excellence in eyewear technology and timeless style.

Our pledge remains steadfast – to continually live up to the Ace mantra of “Best Vision, Best Life.”

About us

ACE’s unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to elevate the realm of designer sunglasses to unparalleled heights of quality, comfort, visual clarity, and an astonishing user experience.

Regardless of the pursuit – be it driving, excelling in sports like golf, cycling, tennis, running, cricket, bowls, fishing, or everyday activities – ACE Aphotic™ next gen polarised sunglasses lenses triumph over the shortcomings present in many other materials, addressing discomfort and health risks associated with eyewear.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and designed, ACE stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation in the world of eyewear.

4WD on sand with best sunglasses for driving Ace polarised sunglasses

Founder’s Perspective

Crafting Your ACE experience

At ACE, delivering an exceptional experience is our priority. This drives us to select only the finest materials and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.

Our firm belief is that wearers of ACE designer sunglasses deserve nothing but the best.

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frank founder director and designer ace polarised sunglasses

Frank Miletic

Founder – Director – Designer

Sunglasses Online Best Sunglasses for Driving

Shannon Miletic

Founder – Director

Distinctly ACE


At a mere 15 years old, Frank Miletić, also known as ‘Mr. Sunglasses’, embarked on a fervent journey that would shape his life’s passion.

With a remarkable career commencing in 1984, Frank has honed his skills working with renowned global designer sunglasses companies. His depth of knowledge and expertise within the sunglasses industry remains unparalleled.

In 2018, a pivotal juncture in his career beckoned Frank to envision a new path. Driven by an unwavering dedication, he set out to design and craft the ultimate sunglasses for driving and sports – a pursuit marked by uncompromising excellence. Thus, the foundation of ACE was laid.

Frank Miletić’s conviction resonates strongly: ACE Sunglasses wearers deserve nothing short of the very best.


Visionary Pursuit

Crafting uniqueness in eyewear

Our goal is simple yet profound: to design the best sunglasses for driving and sports.

ACE isn’t just about eyewear; it’s a culture that unites like-minded individuals who value quality, performance, and uniqueness.


Unrivaled Mastery

Crafting the world’s finest designer sunglasses demands a depth of history and knowledge beyond the norm.

Every pair of ACE sunglasses is meticulously imbued with exquisite attention to detail.

Prioritizing an unparalleled ACE experience, we meticulously source and engineer the finest materials, upholding the highest manufacturing standards in our brand.


Excellence in Craftsmanship

ACE’s unwavering pursuit of excellence aims to elevate the art of designer sunglasses, setting new standards in quality, comfort, visual clarity, and an extraordinary user experience.

This relentless commitment to quality naturally draws discerning wearers who recognize and value flawless precision.

In the words of our founder and design technician, Frank Miletić:

“I envision ACE to provide wearers with the absolute best in polarised designer sunglasses for every outdoor scenario, ensuring an enduring and remarkable experience.”


frank cerca 90's photo in front of store designed and owned by frank

Channeling those 90’s vibes with a flashback to a sunglasses store designed by Frank.

australian small business and startup executive of the year finalist ace sunglasses
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Unmatched glare reduction and clarity. Perfect for any outdoor activity.

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